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  1. Sure, that’s one message. but I’d like to think most of the occupiers realize the problems run deeper than mere tax rates. The problems are centered around two issues: the oversized influence of money in all levels of government (not to mention our daily lives), and our policies of WAR (against personal freedom, the habitability of this planet, and people across the globe).

  2. fattymoon says:

    I agree, Kishin. I’ve previously said that the problems are basically three-fold – as so well expressed in this excerpt… “Occupy Oakland is part of a larger movement that began last year on New York’s Wall Street and quickly spread across the globe. While the protesters have highlighted a number of causes, the overarching theme remained the same: populist anger over what activists portray as an out-of-touch corporate, financial and political elite.” (excerpt from January 30, 2012. See full article at

    The military-industrial complex is also huge, as is the physical rape of our planet, but I’m thinking they are easily incorporated into the above three touchstones.

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